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DELAWARE COUNTY, Indiana – A historic manufacturing facility in Delaware County is now the region’s newest wedding and event venue.

The Wedding Factory and Event Center opened in the former McCormick Brothers factory in Albany, Indiana. The new facility features thousands of square feet of newly remodeled and remodeled space for weddings, receptions, parties, corporate gatherings – all curated by one of the region’s most acclaimed taste makers.

The Shaffer family have worked for the past 10 months to create the Wedding Factory. Clyde Shaffer, a longtime Albany-area businessman, said his family wanted a new business to complement their investment in Pete’s Bar and Grill, an Albany favorite, and as a transition away from the area of the breeding in which they have been important for several decades.

The family considered building a barn-style wedding and event center on their property near Albany, just across the border from Randolph County. Then Clyde Shaffer was inspired by the McCormick building.

“I’ve been by the McCormick building for 50 years,” Shaffer said. “I called my daughter and said, ‘What do you think of the wedding factory?’ She got to see what I saw, and 10 months later, here we are.

“We are a one stop shop,” Shaffer said. “We host your event, we clean up after your event. When your daughter’s marriage is over, you walk out the front door. Your event will be as relaxed as possible.

The McCormick Building, built in 1895, housed the McCormick Brothers Company from 1907 to the 1970s. The McCormick brothers made washboards and other household items, but were best known for metal accessories for kitchen cabinets. During World War II, the factory produced metal parts for shells, rockets, and bombs for the American war effort. After the trade in metal bread boxes and refrigerator shelves declined, the company manufactured folding TV trays and expansion joints for the construction of the federal highway system.

Clyde Shaffer and his wife, Sandy, daughter Cassandra and husband Aaron Irwin are partners in the facility. The Wedding Factory follows on from the family’s other investments in the city: Clyde Shaffer and Caleb Churchill have been partners of Pete’s Bar and Grill for three years. Clyde’s son and daughter-in-law Joshua and Sarah Shaffer opened Family First RV and Boat Storage in 2020.

The Shaffers purchased 20,000 square feet of the massive 200,000 square foot McCormick building. “We have the first rights to buy the rest,” Clyde Shaffer said. In recent years, a paper company operated from part of the overall structure.

The wedding and event center is located at 501 E. State Street, on the northwest corner of the McCormick complex.

After extensive work including the installation of a new Schindler elevator and heating and air conditioning system, the wedding plant and event center consists of a 10,000 square foot loft. on the second floor, a large open space that can accommodate 650 people for large weddings. , parties and other events, as well as a bridal suite and a groom’s suite and a catering space in case a group renting the facility wishes to hire an outside caterer.

On the first floor are two event spaces: the McCormick Room, which measures approximately 4000 square feet with space for 250 people, and the Tulley Room, which measures 4000 square feet with a new copper ceiling. The Tulley Room, which seats 240, is named after John L. Tulley, inventor of the Albany Runabout car in the early 1900s.

The Wedding Factory offers new restrooms for each event space, free Wi-Fi, and adjacent disabled-accessible parking.

“We could have three weddings per weekend if we need to,” Shaffer said. “And each would be autonomous. We wanted to develop it as a convention center.

The Wedding Factory reserves weddings and events through 2021 and through 2022 and beyond.

“Albany has been good to us,” Shaffer said. “Delaware County and Randolph County have been good to us and very welcoming to business.”

Delaware County Commissioner Shannon Henry, a longtime Albany City official, said he had observed the progress of the Wedding Factory and was happy to see it now open for use.

“The McCormick Factory building was an important part of Albany for generations, and it’s great to see the Wedding Factory reusing part of this historic structure,” said Henry. “The Shaffer family have given a lot to Albany over the years and the Wedding Factory is their latest innovation and contribution to the community.”

Shaffer said the family’s decision to pull out of the ranching business and focus on its variety of other businesses, including Pete’s and Wedding Factory, reflects the need to be versatile and diverse in driving business. business.

“We understand that business is fluid,” Shaffer said. “You have to be ready to move with it. Ultimately, we want to be in business as a family. What is most important is that we are in business as a family.

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