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We are number 1! Red Rocks, the world’s busiest concert venue – CBS Denver

DENVER (CBS4) – If you’ve found your way to Red Rocks this year, you certainly weren’t alone. Billboard magazine said the amphitheater is the busiest concert hall of any size, anywhere in the world for 2021.

Red Rocks is celebrating its 80th anniversary and has hosted 233 paid events, including 177 concerts, 20 yoga / fitness programs and 36 films from the Film on the Rocks series. It’s a new record for a season.

(credit: CBS)

“It has been an absolute and extremely rewarding whirlwind, to go from a year that devastated so many in our industry to our own record breaking season,” Ginger White, Executive Director of Denver Arts & Venues, the city’s agency that operates Red Rocks, said in a press release.

“We are proud to play a role in Denver’s economic and cultural recovery by providing so many Colorado residents and visitors a gathering place for the joyous return of live music.”

As of the deadline, Billboard reported gross ticket revenue of over $ 60 million from just 134 concerts. Gross ticket sales are received by the promoter and do not include expenses such as venue rental, labor, artist payments and other costs.

(credit: Red Rocks Park)

“A Red Rocks season like this is a tribute to dedicated artists, promoters, employees and fans,” site manager Tad Bowman said in the statement. “Red Rocks is a special place, and everyone who takes the stage, serves a drink, greets a customer or buys a ticket has a share of that success. “

Red Rocks opened their concert season with Lotus on a snowy April 22 and ended with Playboi Carti on November 19.

Highlights included an 80th anniversary celebration featuring local musicians who provided music during the pandemic called “The 8 O’Clock Howl”.

Electronic music artist / producer Zhu has had a six-night fling, the most an artist ever recorded in a season of Red Rocks.

Widespread Panic performed their 61st, 62nd and 63rd sold-out concerts on site.

And the season is not over yet. You can take advantage of special vacation drive screenings for the next two weekends.