VandeBerg Farms Opens As New Event Venue in Dallas County

A new event space, VandeBerg Farms, has opened in Dallas County and is co-owned by two friends, Meredith Luksetich and Spencer VandeBerg.

“I knew Spencer had a facility that was a perfect space for the events and I had the experience of the event,” Luksetich said. “I had mentioned to him the possibility of making it an event venue. We discussed further and went from there. It slowly recovered and became what it is today.

The event space is located on the VandeBerg property, 34386 Old Portland Rd, Adel. This land was initially purchased in 2017 for family recreation. In 2020, they added land for hay production. They launched the event venue project in October 2020 and officially opened to the public in April 2021.

A new event space, VandeBerg Farms, is located at 34386 Old Portland Rd, Adel.

“This building was built from the ground up to offer modern amenities and comforts, but was designed taking inspiration from older style barns,” said VandeBerg.

VandeBerg is a local entrepreneur and real estate investor.

Luksetich, who majored in event management and graduated from Iowa State University in 2014, has always wanted to produce events in his own venue. She believes that this idea of ​​a venue has blossomed at the perfect time and that their skills fit together perfectly.

“I currently run an office in a high volume atmosphere,” Luksetich said. “I participated in a non-profit event [planning and management] most of my career.

Inside VandeBerg Farms, a new event venue located outside of Adel.

VandeBerg Farms offers guests an event space with a bright, open main area that can comfortably accommodate around 120-150 people seated, depending on preferences and table setup.

They have a suite in the barn for guests to prepare for weddings and even stay overnight. All guests are provided tables, chairs, linens and a member of staff on site on the day of the event.

“The barn suite has a full kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom with a large TV, tables, chairs, open space and lots of lighting,” Luksetich said.

There is a new mobile bar with an oak slab bar top, a men’s lounge, and an outdoor patio area overlooking an open woodland area.

Phil Lockwood stands behind the bar during an open house with friends and family on May 13 at VandeBerg Farms.

“The covered outdoor patio is perfect for a bag party or a long, family-style dinner table or even your cocktail party,” she said. “We’re also located along the Raccoon River; it’s a perfect spot to hire the beach for a family picnic.

VandeBerg shared that they were close to Des Moines and I-80, while still maintaining a private outdoor space to enjoy it. The unique and straightforward Raccoon River offers guests options for kayaking, camping, beach volleyball, hiking and more.

“One of my big goals with this project was to preserve sections of the Raccoon River Valley and the surrounding wildlife,” VandeBerg said. “It was very gratifying to see people enjoying nature and all that the region has to offer.”

The exterior of VandeBerg Farms.

They would love to organize all types of events including weddings, corporate events, graduation parties, festivals, concert series, sporting events and family reunions.

“We have space for any idea,” Luksetich said. “We would like to discuss and think about how to make your event a success at VandeBerg Farms.”

To book an event, email VandeBerg Farms at [email protected] or call 515-360-3942. They ask for a name, phone number, description of the event, an approximate date, an approximate timeline for the event and the number of people who will attend. They will contact those interested to arrange a meeting and a tour of the barn. Once the decision is made, they will ask for a deposit to block the date.

Friends and family gather for an open house on May 13 at VandeBerg Farms.

Luksetich will be the primary contact for reservations and planning. VandeBerg will help with events like kayaking, camping or special events outside the barn. They recommend booking early as popular dates fill up quickly.

“I love the fact that there are endless possibilities,” Luksetich said. “We would like to have a permanent event every week and hope to have a wedding every weekend during the warmer months.”

They learn a lot in the first two months of opening and had to adjust as they received questions and inquiries.

“The needs of guests are always different and we are happy to work with them to make their event special,” said VandeBerg.

Parker, 6, mom Laura Lockwood and Madison, almost 4, dance at an open house with friends and family on May 13 at VandeBerg Farms.

VandeBerg Farms has already had a few weddings, a few family events, and an open house. The open house was held on Thursday May 13 for their friends and family. They are also looking forward to an event in June, which just ended.

“This [event] will be a locally sourced farm-to-table dinner for around 40 people, ”said VandeBerg. “We are delighted to be working with local farmers in the area. “

Currently they have guests parking next to the venue, but intend to have parking across the street.

The food is set up during an open house with friends and family on May 13 at VandeBerg Farms.

“We would like to build on our property across the street including a second barn, a glamping community, maybe even a small space for farm animals,” Luksetich said. “We are thrilled with the future of VandeBerg Farms and with providing a great space for our community. “

For more information, find VandeBerg Farms on Facebook and Instagram @vandebergfarms or visit They are open to comments, future ideas for any event, and are happy to work with nonprofits and local communities.

“We are delighted to meet all of our neighbors and new friends and to build memories here,” said VandeBerg. “It took a community, friends, family and hard work to put this into place and we look forward to growing up here in Dallas County. We want this to be an accommodating and enjoyable space for everyone to enjoy. years to come.

Inside the new VandeBerg Farms event location, located at 34386 Old Portland Rd, Adel.
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