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University plans to erect performance event site on racetrack in June – Palatinate

By Martha McHardy

Durham University plans to erect a performance venue at the racecourse site for three weeks in June.

The venue, which would open from June 5 to June 25, would provide space for live performances and events in a secure environment against Covid.

The space is still at the proposal stage and needs to be formally approved by Durham County Council.

According to the proposals, food trucks could park on the racetrack site and a bar would be open to participants, serving from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m., with events until 11 p.m.

Social distancing is said to be required inside the site until regulations are lifted by the government, currently scheduled for June 21.

The venue would have a maximum capacity of 450 people

The site would have a maximum capacity of 450 people (including staff) to allow 50% social distancing, and COVID monitors would be required during events. The capacity of the room will not change after the lockout restrictions are lifted.

The events will be seated and participants will be parked in family bubbles that can accommodate up to six people. Households with more than six people would be forced to separate.

Student groups can request to organize events at the site between Saturday April 3 and Sunday April 18. The University will take between 5-20% of the revenue from ticket sales for each event, depending on capacity.

It comes after the University announced that the Easter term would be extended until July 2 to allow colleges and corporations to host events after the lockdown restrictions were lifted on June 21.

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