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TORn Oscar Party Venue: Cat and Fiddle Spotlight | The Lord of the Rings on Amazon Prime News, JRR Tolkien, The Hobbit and more

With just over two weeks left until the 2014 Oscars telecast and our own Starlight festival celebration at the “One Dragon, One Party” event on March 2nd. Make sure you don’t wait to get your tickets, it’s a much smaller venue than in previous years and tickets go out fast. You can find all the information about the party in our previous article on the party.

Let us take you on a little tour of our venue, the historic Cat & Fiddle restaurant and pub in Hollywood, just to get you in the right party mood for this little debate.


Long before there was a restaurant at 6530 Sunset Blvd., there was a Spanish mall built by Fred Thompson, housing many stores, including Travis Banton’s clothing store. Banton, the then chief costume designer for Paramount Pictures, was one of Hollywood’s most important designers in the 1930s. Fred Thompson was both a famous Western movie star with Paramount Pictures, as you can see him in the photo above to the left, and was a prominent Hollywood businessman, the Thompson Building being one of his lasting legacies.


As you can see, the main entrance to the building has hardly changed in the 85 years since its construction. Like so many buildings in Southern California, it’s built in the classic Spanish style known for its solid white stone walls, arched entrance, wrought-iron fences and railings, and red-tiled roof.


Once inside the arched entrance, there is a brick-lined courtyard filled with trees and other plants. At the time of its construction, there was a well that worked in the center of the courtyard, but today the centerpiece is a lovely fountain. Southern California’s Mediterranean climate makes dining outside on the courtyard patio a real treat most of the year. Weather permitting, we are planning to have a big screen outside on the patio so you can watch the Oscars telecast while sitting under the stars.


Although very Spanish on the outside, the interior of the Cat & Fiddle Restaurant and Pub is quite the English pub you’d expect, with a warm and cozy fireplace, a dart board, and cozy tables and booths. The room on the right is called the Casablanca room and is located at the end of the restaurant with a window overlooking the courtyard. And while you might think it’s only natural for a restaurant in Hollywood to name one of its rooms after a famous movie, in this case, it earned that name because part of Casablanca. was filmed on location here.


In the 1980s, a British rock musician and fashionista from New Orleans moved to Hollywood and opened the first British pub in the Hollywood area. The rear of the Thompson building has moved from Mary Helen’s tea room to the Cat & Fiddle restaurant and pub, and is still run by the same family that opened it 30 years ago. It’s this authentic British-style pub and pretty courtyard that has brought the Tolkien fan community to this venue time and time again for Golden Globes viewing nights, Tolkien Toasts and TORn pleadings and that’s why it ‘was the obvious choice for a smaller, more intimate party this year. The fact that the Cat & Fiddle is less than a mile from the Dolby Theater, home of the Oscars, doesn’t hurt either.

So don’t delay, get your Tickets now before they sell. Beautiful LA weather on Oscar Sunday in a wonderful place like this, you never know who may show up.

The song of the merry inn

by JRR Tolkien, the first two stanzas sung by Frodo in the Prancing Pony

“There is an inn, a cheerful old inn under an old gray hill. And there they brew a beer so dark that the Moon Man himself has come down at night to drink his fill.

The ostler has a drunken cat who plays the five-string violin; and from top to bottom he makes his bow run, sometimes crying out loud, sometimes purring low, sometimes sawing in the middle.

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