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THE SHOVEL | Meet History: Toronto’s New 2,500-Seat Concert Hall Supported by Drake

Announced today, Live Nation has partnered with Toronto rapper Drake to open History, a new 2,500-seat concert hall.

Located at 1663 Queen Street East, the venue will host up to 200 concerts, galas and community events per year. The site includes a convertible general admission area as well as reserved seating configurations.

It takes guts to open a concert hall during a pandemic: “Some of my more memorable shows were playing in smaller venues like History (and) I wanted to take those memories and what I learned to create an incredible experience for performers and fans,” Drake said in a statement. Press.

Live Nation executives Michael Rapino and Riley O’Connor said they saw the venue as a good opportunity and thanked Drake for helping to make the new venue a reality.

“The story will provide guests with unparalleled up-close experiences with their favorite artists in Toronto, said O’Connor. “… We are proud of the story and expect it to become an important part of the community. “

The site will be the second new site in the 2,500 seat lineup. Last winter Massey Hall announced it would expand the ongoing revitalization project to become a multi-story music complex.

Timing is everything: The joint venture’s announcement on Tuesday precedes Ontario’s scheduled reopening as the province moves towards the gradual opening of foreclosure restrictions, including the opening of cultural venues in the city.

History plans to open on October 22, 2021 with a concert by rock band All Time Low.


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Michel vincent
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