Shooter owner renovating the floor for a dispensary, event location

BIG RAPIDS – The owner of Star Shooter’s Bar & Restaurant is renovating several parts of his downtown establishment.

For those hoping to get a glimpse of the renovations, it’s a whole different “story”.


Jerry Boman has owned the Shooter’s since 2004. The restaurant and bar has a dance floor for nightly entertainment and is considered one of the hangout spots for Ferris State students.

There is more than meets the eye for those passing by the establishment on South Michigan Avenue.

Just outside the main entrance to Shooters – to the north – is a locked door. Through this door there is a single flight of about 20 steps. At the top of the stairs you will find two different paths to two different types of places.

“I saw the neighborhood and said, ‘This needs to be fixed, and if I don’t do it, nobody will, and this building will fall down because of decay,” Boman said.

“Right before COVID hit we had saved a lot of money and our plan was to either open a dispensary or use the space in another form with the bar,” he added.

Ahead of the COVID-19 pandemic last March, Boman installed a brand new HVAC system in the part of the building – which is divided into two rooms – closest to South Michigan Avenue.

However, once the restrictions were put in place a year ago, Boman “stopped everything.”

But since then he has worked hard to repair part of the upstairs. He installed new bathrooms, laid new flooring, and installed new windows and tiled ceilings. Over the past two years, Boman said he has invested nearly $ 80,000 in his projects.

Boman said he had someone interested in renting the space now as a dispensary.

“They are anxiously waiting for the city to (possibly) change the ordinance on creating a place where you can smoke (marijuana) indoors,” he said.

The City of Big Rapids does not currently allow users by bylaw to consume marijuana products in a public, enclosed place.

The other part of the building – towards the back – may be familiar to longtime residents of Big Rapids, as it once housed a community theater.

“Our long term plan with the other area is to turn it into a place where people can rent it out for weddings, receptions and things like that,” Boman said.

Inside the old theater area and the adjoining area are many pieces of “history” from decades ago, such as rows of old theater seats, kitchen and bathroom equipment. many other articles that might touch a true native of Big Rapids.

If all goes well, Boman said he plans to open up the rear part of the building and make it available by May 2022.

As for the other side of the building, “it’s pretty much ready to go,” Boman said.

Star Shooter’s Restaurant & Bar is located at 120 S. Michigan Ave.

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