Event venue

Sadsbury supervisors are giving couples an extension of time to meet event venue requirements | Community News

When: Sadsbury Township Supervisors Meeting, May 3.

What happened: The council agreed to give Merv and Candace Beiler more time to meet the requirements of a settlement agreement with the township regarding the location of their event.

Background: The Township Zoning Hearing Board denied a request for a special exception for the event location at 5697 Strasburg Road. The decision was appealed, but township attorneys and the owners reached a settlement. This agreement requires owners to drop their appeal, adhere to uniform commercial codes for their facilities, address parking issues, and have an approved sewage system. Originally, 60 days were allowed for the completion of these two stages, but the time frame has now been extended to 90 days for plant design and 120 for sewer module approval.

Why it matters: Several weddings have already been booked for the establishment. A short list of events will be permitted if the agreed conditions are met.

The cost: As part of the settlement, the township received approximately $8,000 to cover the township’s expenses and legal fees.

What happens next: There is a short list of scheduled weddings that can take place while the requirements are met.

Other events: The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation awarded the township a $1 million grant for work on the Enola Low Grade Trail through the township. This money will match a grant from the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. Additionally, a Lancaster County grant of $700,000 will bring the total funding available for the project to $2.7 million. Design work will continue so that the project can be put out to tender.

As well: Council heard complaints about noise on Christiana Avenue where motorbikes are used in a residential development. The council said it will investigate the situation and see if anything can be done.