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Rejection of the rezoning request for the proposed theater and concert hall in Lethbridge

“We are proposing this rezoning so that we can create a community fundraising platform to meet the needs of our community. We intend to do this through a non-profit drive-in and outdoor events center, ”Vandenberg told the board. “We would like to feature a different local cause each week where a percentage of the event’s ticketing revenue would be donated to the featured cause in exchange for volunteers to help organize the show.”

The proposal was to have a capacity of 260 vehicles for the “temporary” installation, which would use what Vandenberg called “sea cans” for the screen and stage.

During the summer months, she wanted to host movies using an FM transmission system to send audio to each participating vehicle, as well as live local music.

Several members of the public spoke at the hearing, some supporting the idea and others opposing it.

One resident felt that the venue would address what he saw as a “major cultural need in the city” by both showcasing local artists and raising funds for causes in need.

Another, who lives in the headquarters, raised a number of concerns he and his neighbors have with the concept, including noise, light, traffic, safety, trash, crime and property values. .

Ultimately, the city council voted unanimously against second reading of the rezoning request, as there were several details of the proposed development that had yet to be worked out and a general feeling that the public had not been worked out. sufficiently consulted.

All of the council members who spoke said they liked the idea, and with a few tweaks and more conversations with the community, it could prove to be a great addition to the city.

The difficult part for Vandenberg now is that this was the last regular city council meeting before the October municipal elections.

The board could hold a special meeting in the coming weeks, but if not, it would have to start over from the very beginning of the process after the swearing-in of the newly elected members.

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