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Prairie Hill Vineyard at Stockemer Farm will add event location


This render shows a new 500-person venue that will be built this year at Prairie Hill Vineyard at Stockemer Farm for weddings, meetings and other events.

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For the past three years, Prairie Hill Vineyard at Stockemer Farm in Colwich has hosted weddings almost every weekend, but Dan Stockemer is poised to significantly expand his business with a new venue of nearly 12,000 square feet that can accommodate accommodate 500 people. .

“It will be a big and beautiful center of events, he said. “Due to the natural beauty of the property, we make it as open to the outside as possible.

There will be lots of windows looking out onto a pasture, a pond and a stone bridge.

“It’s sort of directly related to the vineyard, of course,” Stockemer said. “This is what makes the property so beautiful.

Prairie Hill had had outdoor weddings with a large tent before, but Stockemer said it had gotten to the point where it needed something bigger and more permanent. Guests were asking for it, especially brides who wanted air conditioning.

Weddings, family reunions and other events can still take place outdoors, but the new venue will be another option.

Rentals can be as short as a few hours or as long as a few days.

The property also has a bridal suite which has been converted from an old garden shed. There is also a cabin for overnight stays. There is also a pavilion for a band or a DJ that overlooks a dance floor next to a bridge.

Stockemer grew up on the property when it was just a dairy farm.

In 1998 Stockemer and his wife, the late Mary Stockemer, moved from California to her hometown of Colwich. She was anxious about leaving wine country, so he promised to plant a vineyard for her.

When her daughter Danielle told her she wanted to get married there, Stockemer built a fountain, dug a small pond, and started adding a lot of plants. Then others asked to organize weddings there and a business was born.

Construction of the new site will begin soon, which will take approximately six months.

Even with a new interior space, Stockemer expects people to continue to enjoy the outdoors as well.

“There are so many beautiful places here to take pictures.”

This story was originally published 23 March 2021 10:25 a.m.

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