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Pop’s concert hall requires vaccination or negative COVID-19 test | The mixer

Pop’s in Sauget is the latest concert venue to require proof of a COVID-19 vaccination or negative COVID-19 test 72 hours before a concert to be admitted to the venue.

The policy will take effect on August 25.

The club shared this post on social media:

“After speaking with various artists / agents and observing the policies in place nationwide, we have finalized our COVID security policy. Mitigation is the best way to continue. Although infectious infections are possible, vaccinations or negative test results will reduce the risk of going round.

“Simply put, artists (especially openers) cannot survive missing 14 days of pay. Venues cannot survive spending the marketing budget to lose the show due to an epidemic. Venues / artists are already struggling to fill jobs and we cannot afford to lose work for our current employees.

“It’s painful and all sites would prefer not to have to deal with this, but we are doing it. We need to find more staff to enforce these rules without making extra money.

“Before complaints come in, you don’t need to be vaccinated to attend. You just have to get a negative test. It’s the least you can do to ensure safety and well-being. your favorite artist’s financier This could be your favorite artist dropping dates or canceling tours.

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