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Isom Place, one of Oxford’s oldest mansions, will soon be able to host weddings and other events.

At Monday’s meeting, the Oxford Planning Commission approved a request for a special exemption to allow Isom Place to be used as an event venue.

The house was owned by the University Foundation, which prevented it from being used by the community, but was sold to SRM Properties, LLC, according to Oxford Magazine Invitation editor Rachel West. Invitation Oxford Magazine rents the second floor of Isom Place as an office to SRM Properties.

West took the request to the planning committee, but said turning Isom Place into an event venue wasn’t just his idea.

“When the owners of SRM asked me about other ways to use the house, it felt natural for the space to be used,” West told EAGLE. “The city’s approval process has started, which was approved on Monday.”

Located at 1003 Jefferson Ave., north of Oxford Square, Isom Place is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The house was built by Thomas Dudley Isom, a Lafayette County physician. The exact date of construction of the house is not known, due to the loss of construction plans over time, but it is estimated that it was built almost 200 years ago, around the 1830s.

Invitation Oxford Magazine will still maintain its office on the second floor, while the first floor and outdoor areas will be the spaces used for events, according to West.

In the approval of the application by the staff of the Planning Commission, it is stated that the proposal “appears to be an excellent way to preserve this historic structure and make it accessible to the community as a place”.

There are eight parking spaces located on the property, which will be used by Invitation Magazine staff during the week and during opening hours, but will be used by guests who rent the house at their respective event. The house sits diagonally across from the downtown parking lot, and West said she was granted secondary parking at the Baker Building on North Lamar Boulevard.

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