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Nigerians react to demolition of Kaduna sex party venue

Mixed reactions continued to follow the demolition of the Asher Hotel in Barnawa, south Kaduna, the alleged location of a sloppy sex party in Kaduna state.

Twitter user Model Yanju @shrewda said, “The height of hypocrisy. What about state houses and cabins where such houses are regularly held? Have they been shot down? If you want, kill all the businesses in your town, right? sabi. “

Omo Bibi Aboniregun @Fayemioye said the government was nearsighted in its approach and could have handled the problem better. He wrote: “Total nonsense. The Nigerian government with its myopic reasoning! They could have been fined rather than that. You destroyed someone’s source of income as if the country was inundated with jobs (opportunities). “

Rabiu Khalid @ DukeofAbuja1 tweeted: “This is false. The alleged crime has not been committed, why are you now destroying the property?”

Noah Nwosu @ NoahNwosu75 called the demolition of the structure a form of jungle justice that should not happen in a democratic society. He tweeted: “Is that the justice of the jungle? I thought it was a democracy. The Kaduna state government should have taken the courts to seek redress. It wasn’t that bad when we were there. under the military. The level of intolerance in the north under Buhari is appalling. Hotel management should sue for damages and loss of income. “

CFI @neduidigo wrote: “This is wrong. What law or court order gave him the power to do so? Are the owner or management of the hotel part of the party organizers? It is unfortunate that most of our governors consider themselves military governors and our people are so timid and intimidated to challenge their actions. Nigerians react to Kaduna demolition of ‘sex party venue’

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