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New wedding and event venue opens in Regency building in St. Cloud

ST. CLOUD – Downtown St. Cloud has a stylish new space for weddings and events.

The Regency, located inside the building of the same name at 912 rue St-Germain Ouest, is a recently completed 8,241 square foot establishment on the first floor.

Katelyn kelly, Managing Director of The Regency, designed the venue and will spearhead the coordination of the event for guests. Kelly, who has a long history in event planning for the building, says the new space features a “clean industrial” aesthetic.

“There are a lot of sites in the Twin Cities that are in old industrial buildings, she explained. “We wanted to create this here. This building has so much history. We exposed brick, we added brick, and we exposed the ceiling.

The venue also features a brand new A / V system, chandelier lighting and a bar. Kelly says the venue is more than double the size of the building’s former third-floor event space, which will soon be converted into office suites.

“We needed something (in St. Cloud) other than the Civic Center – something that doesn’t sound that civic, if you know what I mean,” she said. “We wanted something a little more cozy that could also accommodate 400 people for an event. So it’s sort of the best of both worlds.

“There is a fake fireplace with a 12ft. telephone pole coat which is really the focal point of the place. It’s so pretty and it feels like home, ”she added.

Kelly says The Regency recently hosted their first wedding and are stocking up on reservations for next year and beyond.

“Our 2021 is pretty much full over the summer, and we’ve already started booking 2022 events,” she said.

While weddings are The Regency’s primary focus, Kelly says the space is well suited for corporate events, conferences, lunches and other social gatherings – many of which have been called into question due to the coronavirus. .

“We’re trying to get more corporate events,” she said. “With COVID, so much has been canceled or postponed, and we are really trying to persevere, like everyone in the events industry. We have tried to be as flexible as possible with our clients.

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