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New license owner for iconic downtown Doncaster party venue revealed

The Diamond Live Lounge has been re-licensed with the takeover of Campbell Bars Limited.

The Wood Street Diamond Live Lounge closed in January after being declared insolvent – but details of its closure and bankruptcy have only just been revealed.

Now it has been announced that a new license has been granted for the venue, better known to generations of Doncaster clubbers as the Camelots.

Doncaster Licensing announced this week that a license has been granted to a company known as Campbell Bars Limited.

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Little is known about the new licensees, although a company of that name is registered at an address in Lazarus Court – the same address currently used by the popular music and party Jacques Hall.

Diamond was forced to shut down when the initial coronavirus lockdown began in March 2020 due to national restrictions.

However, the venue has not reopened since clubs and pubs were allowed to resume operations earlier this year.

A spokesperson for the Doncaster Council Licensing Department said: “On January 12, 2021, we were informed that Diamond Doncaster Ltd had either become insolvent or dissolved and the license was closed.”

The site closed all of its social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter, and its website was shut down.

The council spokesperson added: “There is however a request for a new license for the property. This has not yet been granted due to a backlog, but as the consultation period has passed it is closed. as granted, so we expect the premises to resume.

The Diamond site was previously run by Doncaster businessman Dominic Gibbs, who also runs Caged Steel, a martial arts promotion company.

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