Mass shooting in Miami kills 2 in front of party venue

Photo: The Washington Post

A mass shooting in Miami left at least two dead and more than 20 injured on Sunday. The attackers opened fire on spectators outside a banquet hall.

This is the second deadly shooting in the city in the past 2 days.

A police spokesperson told local media that three people got out of a white SUV and started shooting at a line outside the El Mula banquet hall. The attackers used assault rifles and a handgun.

Pandemic restrictions in the region have been mostly lifted, allowing crowds to travel to the city for Memorial Day weekend.

On Friday night, a drive-by shooting saw seven people shot dead, including one fatal, outside a rented party space. The Guardian reported how authorities were alerted by ShotSpotter, a sound detection system that relays the sound of gunfire.

Police did not say whether they believed the shootings were related, but said it appeared victims were targeted in both attacks.

The director of the region’s police department, Alfredo Ramirez, said the attackers were “cold-blooded murderers”.

With 2 mass shootings in 48 hours, both outside of party venues, many reiterated their call for stricter gun laws.

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