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In October 2019, Brandon Gonzales was held on a $ 1 million bond on capital murder charges.

Gonzales was arrested in Hunt County after a filming at The Party Venue outside of Greenville, Texas, which left two dead and twelve others injured. Nine days after his arrest, Gonzales was released.

When asked how he handled the situation, Gonzales said, “To this day I can’t understand. I do not understand. My life hasn’t been the same since. I really don’t think it’s going to go back to what it was. I thought the move would calm things down. Another reason I moved was bad and negative attention, which I didn’t want. Nothing has changed since I moved to Florida, I still get all this negative attention. Words cannot describe how I feel. Nine days in prison without knowing which way your life is going to turn seems a lot longer than nine days. To be away from my children and the mother of my children.

I asked Brandon if he was planning to come home and he said, “At one point I had planned to come and the death threats just hadn’t stopped. I don’t think it’s a good idea to go home. It had an impact on others around me, my children, the mother of my child and my brother. I see it all the time on me on Facebook. This year being the first anniversary.

When asked why no one had been arrested by the sheriff’s office since his release, he replied, “Really, I think they did a bad job. They knew I was the wrong guy when they arrested me. They are too afraid to make the same mistake.

“I have a lot of questions. I have a lot of flashbacks. The police can be behind me, in front of my house or by [and] I’m getting really nervous, ”he said.

Gonzales’ attorneys had this to say about the record since the arrest: “We have to make Brandon whole at this point. “

To view a copy of the trial, Click here.

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