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Live Nation and Drake open brand new concert hall in Toronto

History is being written – literally – in the city of Toronto right now as Drake and Live Nation announce the imminent launch of a new 2,500-seat concert hall at The Beaches.

And I mean literally: the actual name of the venue is “History”, and it’s currently under construction at 1663 Queen Street East with a planned launch date of “later this year”.

Live Nation Canada announced the news on Tuesday morning, revealing that the new live entertainment facility would host around 200 events per year.

Bigger than an average club but much smaller than a stadium, History will provide space for major performers who wish to give fans a more intimate and closer experience.

An inside rendering of the story provided by Live Nation. The concert and event hall will have a capacity of 2,500 people. Image via Live Nation.

“Some of my more memorable shows were playing in smaller venues like History,” Drake said in a statement Tuesday morning. “I wanted to take those memories and what I learned to create an amazing experience for the artists and the fans.”

We’ve known for years that Live Nation turned Champions Greenwood’s former off-road outlet into something of an entertainment venue, but Drizzy’s involvement was firmly hidden until this morning.

“We saw an opportunity to bring Toronto a great new place, and we have so much gratitude and respect for Drake who has partnered with us to bring it to life in the best possible way,” said Michael Rapino, CEO of Live Nation, in a statement announcing the award-winning rapper’s latest collaboration.

According to the global entertainment company, History will be highly configurable – capable of hosting both general-admission and reserved-seat shows, as well as galas, community programs and other events.

Construction is expected to be completed later this summer and, according to newly launched Twitter account, announcements for some upcoming shows will be unveiled soon.

“The story is meant to be a community anchor, providing music and culture while stimulating economic activity and creating plenty of employment opportunities,” writes Live Nation.

Those looking for a job should keep an eye on the venue’s social feeds: According to Live Nation, “additional details and career opportunities” will be announced over the coming weeks and months.

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