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Kids Birthday Party Venue Ideas: My Gym

Looking for a birthday party venue? Maybe consider my gym.

Located at 2434 N Woodlawn St., My Gym is a large playground that provides children with a fun and physically stimulating environment. With over 700 locations worldwide, they offer open play times as well as camps and classes aimed at different skill sets for infants and children up to around 10 years old.

The goal of the gym is to create an environment where children feel loved and supported so that their self-esteem and confidence can grow. They were offering $2 trials of their classes, so I signed up my daughter and niece to take one.

When we arrived the children’s eyes lit up and they were allowed to walk around, run, play, jump, tumble, everything. Here is a brief look inside the gymnasium.

My Wichita Gym

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my gym

When class started, they sang, danced and did activities to test their strength, agility, balance and coordination. They were all simple activities that they could understand and really enjoyed doing. The teacher remained very engaged with all of the children throughout the hour.

They had so much fun I knew they would want to go back. So, a few months later, we decided to host our daughter’s third birthday party at My Gym. It was affordable and gave us space to use for ourselves. We were able to hire the gym for a few hours, have a private room for cakes and gifts, standing space for parents and a large play area for about 20 children.

Everyone loved it. All of the children had a fantastic time and there was not a single frown in the building. That day was perhaps my daughter’s favorite moment in her entire life. It was all she talked about the longest. We may have to celebrate his “half birthday” there just to give ourselves a reason to return with more of his friends.

Here is a brief video of our first visit:

@wichitabyeb Where do you take your kids to burn off their endless energy? In Wichita, we checked out a place called MyGym. #fyp #vlog #familyfun #Wichita #gym #mygym #kids ♬ Call Me Maybe (Instrumental version) – May B.

My Gym is located at 2434 N Woodlawn St. To learn more, visit their webpage.

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