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Jimin gets carried away with the bridal style of a concert hall; blow ARMY a kiss as Jungkook transforms into his perfect trick

BTS’s Jimin gets carried by Jungkook in bridal style

Where do we sign for a link like theirs? Whenever you feel like you’re in control BTS‘ camaraderie, the boys go ahead and leave us in awe once again. This time it’s Jungkook to carry Jimin outside the concert hall which holds all our attention.

Ever wanted someone to pick you up and carry you around town? Luckily for Jimin, he has Jungkook right next to him. In another one of their viral moments, Jimin can be seen jumping into Jungkook’s arms as the singer turned to his car for the day.

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Wearing Chim in bridal style, JK didn’t even bat an eyelid and instead continued to smile as the duo continued to be clicked by many dads and fans alike. Seemingly enjoying the ride, Jimin smiled as he blew ARMY one last kiss before being carried out of the venue by his trusty ride.

How adorable are these two?

BTS Permission to dance on stage concerts in Las Vegas turn out to be an event like no other. The boys showed off their vocal and dance prowess, had fun on stage, performed skin shows (ahem! Jungkook), and made the most of their time with ARMY.

After wrapping up D-2 of their Sin City concert series, the boys will be back in full force after a week to wrap up their final two shows. Who else can’t wait to see what the boys come up with next?

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