Independent Music Event Venue in Downtown Dayton Scheduling More Live Shows as Health Orders Rise

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – As June approaches and state health orders must be lifted, the Ohio entertainment industry gears up for its return to live entertainment.

In downtown Dayton, Brightside Dayton is an independent, women-run venue that is excited to be able to continue supporting those in the arts and entertainment industry.

“This mid-sized venue fills a much needed void in our community for emerging artists in the region. [or] national and also giving local artists the opportunity to perform in a different space, ”explained Libby Ballengee of The Brightside Dayton.

Ballengee says The Brightside opened in 2019 with live music and performances, but was forced to close quite early in its trip due to the coronavirus pandemic. Over the past few months, they’ve been able to organize small, safe weddings to keep their doors open. Now they are looking to get back to their original goal in addition to planning weddings and events.

“We’re trying to do whatever we can to make people feel comfortable and start having a summer again,” Ballengee said.

Ballengee says the site has added UV lamps to its HVAC system to help purify the air. They are also currently enforcing the mask and social distancing guidelines, but will be able to safely remove them in the first week of June.

Ballengee says she hopes people living in the Miami Valley will use this time to support local artists and performers.

“There’s no guarantee that we’re all going to be able to come together,” Ballengee said. “When we do it safely, as we are starting to do now, I hope people take advantage of these opportunities. “

For more information on The Brightside Dayton and upcoming performances, click here.

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