From hot tub enclosure to party venue: easy ways to transition back and forth

Do you know the best thing about having a gazebo in your backyard? You can do whatever you want with it. Additional storage space? Sure! Another larger family room? Why not? Or one hot tub gazebo? Sure! In fact, many homeowners who have such backyard structures often opt for the latter two. These are simply the best options for maximizing the extra covered space you have available. Sometimes the family room also becomes a place to party! But did you know you can do both? From a hot tub enclosure to a party venue, you can easily convert your home gazebo from one to another.

While it might sound difficult, it really isn’t. Especially when you observe the following points when installing the gazebo in your garden. And the best part is, they’re not that complicated or too hard to follow.

Always maximize space

With everything you do with your gazebo at home, always maximize space. Even when you plan to use it as storage space, maximizing a lot of space allows you to keep as many items in it as possible. But when it comes to converting it into a hot tub gazebo or party venue easily, lots of space gives you a lot of influence. Plenty of space allows you to opt for a larger hot tub or jacuzzi pool, and when not in use you can simply cover it up and turn it into a table for party dining. And speaking of parties, plenty of space also allows you to invite more people to your event.

Install portable furniture

When you are considering transforming your gazebo from one thing to another, portable furniture will be heaven! Tables, chairs, and even portable electronics for entertainment purposes – anything portable will do wonders for both uses. In fact, if there is a portable hot tub, it could do wonders for your spa gazebo as well. But for now, portable tables, bars, chairs and more will do. They just make the conversion easier. Transforming one feature of the house into another is never easy. But maybe when the furniture is portable it makes it a whole lot easier. Just a few folds and rolling them from your gazebo to your main house will do the trick.

Keep a closet inside the structure

Isn’t it boring having to come and go from your gazebo? Of course, exercise will keep you fit and healthy. But when you plan to throw a party or relax in your hot tub, you are actually wasting precious time. All those minutes or even hours when you can get ready for your evening or warm up in your hot tub, you dedicate yourself to transporting items from your main house to your gazebo and back again. However, if you have a closet in your gazebo, this won’t have to happen! Most of the time, in just a few minutes, you can easily convert your spa gazebo into your birthday party.

Opt only for neutral tones

Some color schemes only work for a hot tub gazebo and some that only work for party venues. Pastel green, for example, works best for spa enclosures because it’s a relaxing shade. Meanwhile, for party places, a bright touch of pink chewing gum is better suited. But what if you want to use your gazebo for both options? Go for neutral tones! In fact, if you ever want a versatile gazebo, go for neutral tones! They are relaxing enough for any hot tub gazebo. But they are also quite charming for a party place. And they will mix easily for any occasion too!

The bigger the door, the better

If your gazebo is an enclosed space, the larger your door, the better suited it will be for multiple uses. Opting for sliding doors can also be a good idea. This is because a larger opening allows you to more easily convert the space into a hot tub enclosure or a party venue. For the first, a large door allows you to roll the essentials for a relaxing dip in your spa. For the latter, a large gate can give you a larger place for a relatively larger gathering. You don’t have to take out your spa or anything drastic like that. Switch quickly from one use to another.

Lighting is everything

How you light up your gazebo is key to transforming it into a party spot or hot tub gazebo. Both require different types of lighting and luckily there are versatile models. This is what they call “mood lighting”. With a simple switch, you can darken or brighten the space however you want. Fancy a relaxing dip in your hot tub? Turn down the lights to get the right amount of light that you can still see, but it’s still intimate. Of course, for a party, the brighter the lights, the livelier the event. Unless you want to go to a rave type gathering. in this case, some strobe lights might be better, but you will have to purchase them separately.

Decrease decoration

And finally, an important rule of thumb when you want to convert your gazebo from a hot tub enclosure to a party venue: cut back on decorations. Of course, it’s great to opt for plants and pictures for your extra space. But when aiming to convert your gazebo from one thing to another, it always helps if it’s a clean slate. Imagine all the work you have to do if you want to take out the plants and paintings while you want a relaxing session in the hot tub? What if you party? You will need to rearrange the decorations to match the theme of the event. It all sounds like unnecessary work!

While it may seem difficult, it is actually quite easy for you to convert your gazebo from a hot tub enclosure to a party venue. You would be surprised how simple the process is!

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