Former ‘Deathtrap’ bank closed after being used as an illegal party venue

DJ parties and nightly parties were held at the old Gorton bank, even during the pandemic

Author: Luke WilsonPosted on August 12, 2021

A former bank in east Manchester has been shut down by the Council after officers witnessed large-scale unregulated events taking place in the building, leading to serious incidents of anti-social behavior.

Manchester Magistrates have issued the order to close the property – 554-556 Hyde Road in Gorton – following reports of events being held despite the lack of an events license, license to serve as alcohol, certificates to serve food and the building in a state of disrepair.

The property, informally known as “Hyde Road Café” and “The Spot”, was purchased in December 2020 by a private owner and sublet to another party. Neither party has asked the local planning authority for a formal change in use and no tourist tax or business rates have been paid on the property.

Magistrates called the premises a “very dangerous place” and a “death trap” before issuing the closure order, meaning that no one will be able to enter the property – other than the owner or those named – during three months.

While in operation, the illegal venue hosted major events including DJ parties and nightlife, including during the Covid-19 lockdown. These events often took place late at night and with loud music, disturbing the local population.

Police officers have been called to the scene several times since the start of 2021 and have been victims of abuse and violence.

The main occupant of the property also claimed to have renovated the building into a space including a bar, dance floor, beauty salon and luxury accommodation. However, the premises were found to be in a disrepair with bare wires, uneven floors and a poor standard of cleanliness.

Cllr Rabnawaz Akbar, Executive Member of Manchester City Council for Neighborhoods, said:

“It is beyond comprehension that the people behind this operation thought they could get away with managing an illegal and clearly dangerous place, which was quickly becoming a scourge for the local population.

“Nightclubs and similar businesses operate under strict regulations to keep their customers safe – all of this has been ignored here and during a pandemic. I shudder at the thought of what might have happened in these premises if these unregulated events had been allowed to continue.

“Council officers have worked closely with Greater Manchester Police officers to shut down this premises and I thank them for their excellent support and partnership throughout this operation.”

Inspector Andrew Torkington of the Greater Manchester Police Gorton Neighborhood Team, said:

“Working closely with our partners at Manchester City Council, the Neighborhood and Response Teams provided documentary evidence of the mess, unauthorized and unregulated activity at 554-556 Hyde Road and the negative impact they have on the community. The location and the changes are totally dangerous. The changes are chaotic, of poor quality and carried out without the proper permissions. Cleanliness, hygiene and compliance with the lockdown restrictions of Covid-19 did not take into account the illegal operation of this venue and the local community and Greater Manchester Police fully support this shutdown order. “

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