Developers say big plans for Colosseum party venue are back on the table

Plans for a huge entertainment venue off downtown Huddersfield are back on track.

Hellfire Entertainment’s Ian Snowball and his son Adam spent three years struggling to open The Colosseum on Queensgate – across from the University of Huddersfield.

They wanted to turn the old abandoned cinema into a huge luxury pub and nightclub with a roof terrace.

Originally, the idea was to create the UK’s largest pub and party area, creating dozens of jobs.

The redevelopment of the dilapidated building will cost over £ 1million and almost certainly a lot more.

However, Hellfire has so far been unable to secure Kirklees council’s consent to improve a short, unpaved paved road, Back Queen Street, which they believe is key to the project’s success.

But Ian Snowball said: “The council has now come up with a proposal to enable us to put the secondary road and the path back into a state of repair and in doing so it will be incumbent on us, therefore, to keep it as such for the future. immediate.

“We have acknowledged their offer and accepted their terms.

“The proposal will now go to council for formal approval.”

Ian Snowball in his Showtime sports bar next to the Colosseum

When asked if that meant Hellfire was going to be able to use this street according to his original plans, he replied:

“Yes, this now means that customers will be able to walk on a clean path without the risk of tripping, puddles and dirt.

“This also means that we also have wheelchair access – plus this all also serves as a safe emergency exit.

Artist’s impression of the Colosseum nightclub rooftop terrace and bars in the old Queensgate cinema in Huddersfield town center

ExaminerLive asked, “Does that mean that you now have the green light to make this a reality, that some sort of Colosseum club is finally going to open?”

Ian Snowball replied: “Yes. We just now have to sit down and put all the pieces together in terms of logistics and a structured approach – it won’t be immediate.”

Adam Snowball, CEO of Hellfire Entertainment, said, “This is a tremendous turnaround for us and a big thank you to everyone who has helped us get to this point.

“In the hope that we can get all the clearances sorted and accepted, then we can start planning how we’re going to move forward, and then start putting the pieces in place.

New The Showtime pub owner Adam Snowball drinks a pint on opening day
New The Showtime pub owner Adam Snowball drinks a pint on opening day

“There’s a lot going on here with regards to Showtime (the successful Hellfire sports bar opened next to the Colosseum) and Colosseum buildings and we should have some exciting news to follow shortly as a result of this decision. , I hope everything will start to fall into place now. “

Ultimately, we hope to connect the two buildings by creating a huge entertainment complex.

The council has been embroiled in a legal dispute with Hellfire over the Colosseum’s scruffy appearance as it wants to improve the appearance of downtown shops and bars.

Kirklees’ council has been approached for comment.

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