Dawson County couple open new event location for peace and preservation

The Bagley’s land featured an old barn that David Bagley previously used as a carpentry shop, and the couple got to work transforming the old building into a usable event venue. According to David Bagley, the most important part of the process was making sure to preserve the original wood of the earth and the feeling of being in nature.

– photo of Erica Jones

“All this wood, everything here has been harvested on this land. Our vision has always been to preserve this, ”said David Bagley. “All that wood was harvested from the property and sitting here stacked and covered when we got here, so we thought ‘wow what a great way to use this and preserve this history. “”

Due to their desire to preserve the original barn and land, the couple decided to do much of the work on the site themselves. For about two and a half years, the two spent much of their free time in the evenings and weekends working on the project.

“We chose for many reasons not to just make it a construction site, because no one would take the time to do what we were trying to do; nobody cares about “what if this wood is harvested on this property,” said David Bagley. “But I’m quite a handyman and Cindy too, so we thought we were going to do it… we really put our heart, soul and wallet into it.”

Now officially completed, the venue includes outdoor and indoor ceremonial spaces for approximately 150-250 guests, a furnished upper loft in the barn for weddings to use during weddings, and a covered outdoor pavilion for guests to mingle.

According to Cindy Bagley, so far, the reception of the community has been favorable.

– photo of Erica Jones

“It was a slow start because of COVID and because it was winter when we finally opened,” Cindy Bagley said. “But everyone who hears about it and whom we have met is excited.”

In the future, the couple hope to expand their reach and make their venue’s name known to more potential guests.

“We’re trying to get pictures and our website built right now,” Bagley said. “But we hope to have some events here and start building it and doing it.”

For more information on Agape Acres, visit https://agape-acres.com/.

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