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Dallas Cowboys open new party venue at Arlington Stadium

The Dallas Cowboys are opening a new venue at AT&T Stadium that looks like a cross between a beer bar and a tailgate party.

Called on Miller Lite House, it’s an outdoor event space next to the AT&T Stadium that will host parties and other events where fans can come and watch Cowboys games, as well as other scheduled entertainment. The Cowboys have had a brand partnership with Miller since 1991.

Facilities include two beer gardens with 60 TV screens, an 87,000 square foot space with a capacity of 650 and $ 5 Miller Lites.

The concept was inspired by the legendary scenic 10 acre area at the University of Mississippi called The Grove, where Cowboys owner Jerry Jones played his first game of college football.

One version describes it as a more interactive experience than what you would get in a bar or restaurant. Including:

  • a 70-meter grass football pitch where you can play impromptu games
  • a stage for music and entertainment
  • 2 fantasy football walls, displaying stats and updates
  • Almost 39,000 square feet of shade
  • 4 LED video cards
  • 6 bars
  • food trucks
  • cornhole and other games

On days when there is a home game, a ticket is obligatory. For non-match day events, it’s free.

For all regular season Cowboys home games, the site will open four hours before games in the late afternoon and evening, and three hours before games in the early afternoon.

Game days look festive: they will include performances by the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and Dallas Cowboys Rhythm and Blue Dancers and Drumline, as well as Cowboys celebrity appearances, live music on stage, one-off acts and a pre-game celebrity toast every game.

The site will remain open for two hours after the game, with activities such as live music, video board games and televisions, and tailgate games on the outdoor court.

It will make its public debut on Thursday, September 9 when the team host a Watch the party for the Cowboys opening to the Tampa Buccaneers. It will feature performances by Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, appearances by Dallas Cowboys alumni and official mascot Rowdy. Come on, you know you wanna hang out with Rowdy.

The match starts at 7.20 p.m., but the doors open at 5.30 p.m. There is free parking in parking lots 10 and 11, and free entry through the Miller Lite House entrance.

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