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Construction of McDonald’s Stadium progresses, rematch location announced

MCDONALD, Ohio (WKBN) – The McDonald Stadium construction project is moving forward.

Several important milestones of the project have taken place in recent months and more activities are planned for the coming weeks.

The grass is there, and on Thursday they were laying the asphalt for the track. They also installed LED lights.

The stands have been delivered, which will be able to accommodate 1,000 spectators and will include 100 rear seats. The assembly should be completed by next week.

The final touch-ups on the track will be completed this week, as will the location of the visitors’ stands.

The press box will arrive next week.

“So that we have this facility, bring the football team this year, for us the track team hasn’t had a home track competition for at least 25 to 30 years, so for them d ‘To have a meet there this spring, to see our baseball and softball team, that will be good for everyone,’ said McDonald Superintendent Kevin O’Connell.

This weekend, they will set up the visitor stands and line the track next week.

  • New McDonald's High School Football Stadium (2)
  • New McDonald's High School Football Stadium (1)

In the meantime, the stadium’s lighting is currently being worked on and temporary toilets and changing rooms have been set up on the site.

With all the work in progress, the return game will take place on September 17 at AA Burkey Memorial Stadium.

The new opening date for the new McDonald’s Stadium is September 24 for the game against Springfield Local.

Going forward, the district will work on an additional phase that will include permanent changing rooms, washrooms and a concession stand.

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