Clue Chase, a new escape game site, opens in New York’s Grace Building

NEW YORK, January 22, 2016 / PRNewswire / – There is something strange and wonderful about the lobby of the Grace Building. A door, which looks like the door to any other office in the building, allows visitors to bend space and time, transporting them away from Bryant Park and the busy city streets. At least that’s what creator, David Chase, hopes to accomplish to Clue Chase, that of New York the newest and largest escape game site with four missions and over 4,100 square feet of games and puzzles.

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Decouple from other escape style games, Clue Chase is “mission based” and each door leads to an expertly crafted puzzle to be solved in a room designed by real stage set designers. Missions include: becoming a spy during the Cold War, an archaeologist trapped in an Egyptian tomb or a master thief carrying out the world’s biggest heist. Players work in teams of 4-10 to find clues, collect hidden objects, solve puzzles, and complete the mission within 60 minutes.

“We are so proud to see Clue Chase come to life,” said David Chase, chairman of Clue Chase. “It has been a great experience to put together. We have really tried to incorporate unexpected details into each mission and the response has been phenomenal so far.” Chase, 27, a former senior tax analyst at Ernst & Young, hopes the time and effort put into Clue Chase will make it an innovative and high-quality escape experience. From its ideal location in the Grace building on 42nd Street across from Bryant Park, with meticulous mission design, Clue Chase has created a truly immersive experience. “We even had a professional locksmith recreate a traditional ancient Egyptian tomb lock for the Egyptian tomb mission,” Chase explains.

Clue Chase officially opened in November 2015. However, a final mission is still in development. Tickets are available by reservation only. Individuals and groups – families, friends, colleagues – are encouraged to reserve their tickets now through the Clue Chase website:, or call (646) -829-1690. Also, be sure to follow Clue Chase on Facebook at or on Instagram, @ClueChase.

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