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Club 30 – The ax GW

Media Credit: Krishna Rajpara | Photographer

Bill and Hillary Clinton chose the 9:30 club as the venue for a private party they hosted in 2001.

Location: 815 V Street NW

Readers Choice: 9:30 Club

From Red Hot Chili Peppers and Nirvana to Kacey Musgraves and Rainbow Kitten Surprise, the 9:30 Club has welcomed musical powerhouses to its intimate yet energetic environment.

The concert hall was founded in 1980, hosting just six concerts in its first two years of operation, but has staged over 2,700 since. The 9:30 club tends to attract smaller indie artists, giving audiences an interactive and immersive experience with the artist, earning it The Hatchet’s choice for best live venue.

The 9:30 Club shares an owner with The Anthem, but the experiences at the two sites couldn’t be more different. The massive size of The Anthem attracts more mainstream performers, and the line is long, the crowd can be overwhelming, and you usually don’t get a good view of the performer.

While the location of the 9:30 Club was originally a cultural center for the emerging punk rock scene of the District in the 1980s, the steady increase in awareness and club performance led to his moving in 1996 to a place with more capacity. At that time, the club had hosted artists such as REM and The Ramones, putting even featured the Smashing Pumpkins in their opening show for the new location.

Today, the 9:30 Club continues to host a variety of artists and events, it even served as the venue for a private party hosted by the Clintons in 2001.

The club’s exterior is simplistic in nature, echoing similar brick-stone buildings with no windows in sight. Yet the interior of the club really shines thanks to the array of lighting and sound systems, including a unique rolling stage experience that allows the 9:30 Club to create a more intimate setting.

The 9:30 Club continues this simplicity in its presentation of the artists, relying on the musicians and the crowd to set the mood and mood rather than over-the-top special effects, but the stage is generally minimally decorated to adapt to the mood of each headliner. The 9:30 Club’s focus on artists creates an open and inclusive atmosphere that can highlight the audience’s love for the artists at its heart.

Along with the main stage and performances by the various artists hosted by the 9:30 Club, the venue also runs two full-service bars and operates a merchandise stand for artists to stock their merchandise at each show.

Next time you’re shopping for concert tickets, check to see if the artist of your choice is making an appearance at the 9:30 Club – you won’t regret it.