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Chronixx cancels New York gig, venue says vaccines aren’t the problem

A concert scheduled to take place in New York at the Brooklyn Mirage was canceled by Chronixx itself and not because of an updated vaccine warrant. This is according to a local representative who confirmed to The Gleaner that neither their management nor the city had anything to do with the cancellation.

The concert was scheduled for Monday, September 6. According to the unidentified woman the publication contacted, it was Chronixx who called and canceled.

She added, “Oh no, you didn’t need to get the vaccine. This concert was held in our outdoor hall, so it was either a negative COVID test or proof of vaccination. “

Chronixx canceled the highly anticipated Chronixx live in Brooklyn concert known last Tuesday, August 31, via his Instagram account.

“Massive love for my family all over the world and especially for family in New York City. The Almighty carries us,” he posted.

The photo he posted also contained a message that read, “Due to circumstances beyond our control, our September 6 concert at the Brooklyn Mirage has been canceled. We appreciate everyone who bought tickets and planned to attend. Thank you always for showing love to us.

Many of his fans had assumed it was because of the new vaccine requirements.

For those who were interested in the concert, they had to be over 21 and email [email protected] to reserve a ticket.

Prior to the cancellation, the Avant Gardner website noted that the concert was an outdoor event and, more importantly, proof of vaccination would not be required for entry. On a related note, they added that this is subject to change, pending further guidance from the city or health officials.

Fans, understandably disappointed, had understandably assumed this had something to do with mandatory vaccines since Chronixx, like some other Rastafarian artists, expressed their distrust of vaccines. Since then, many have called him to organize the concert online.

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