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Best Wedding Venue / Event 2021: Canyon Lakes Golf & Country Club


Canyon Lakes Golf Course is the choice for weddings and events.

Canyon Lakes Golf Course is once again the top wedding / event venue, making it # 1 four times in the past five years.

During last year’s pandemic, there weren’t many occasions for gatherings. And marriage affairs were on the decline everywhere.

But Mike Lundgren, general manager and owner of Canyon Lakes Golf Course, said weddings and celebrations of life are starting to return.

“Even now at 50% capacity, he said.

What makes the place special is that you can have a wedding outside on the course or at your church, but bring the party inside the clubhouse.

The Champions Hall is 3,000 square feet.

“And it’s still 72 degrees,” Lundgren said. “Our Champions Hall has a capacity of 200 people. So at 50% of our capacity right now, we’re still able to handle 100 people. ”

The event center was built in 2007.

“You are always looking for a different source of income,” Lundgren said.

The course is currently booking weddings. Lundgren said Canyon Lakes has about 30 weddings or parties a year, and “we have to turn down another 20 or 30 weddings.”

The course does its own catering for events and has a fully stocked bar.

“We do everything here,” Lundgren said. “You can park once. You can have your meals there or whatever you want to drink. And we can change things. If you want a dance floor, we can put one there.

It is, says Lundgren, a one-stop-shop.

“Our staff are on site, so we can resolve any issues,” he said. “We are locally owned and operated. ”

1. Canyon Lakes Golf & Country Club

3700 W. Canyon Lakes Drive, Kennewick



2. Bella Fiore Gardens

219605 E. Perkins Road, Kennewick



3. Moore Manor

200 N. Route 34, Pasco



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