Concert venue

AUDIENCE COMMENT: The Pacific Design Center is not a concert hall

Leslie Karliss, a lawyer and longtime resident of West Hollywood, spoke at the city council meeting Tuesday night to address the scale of public events at the Pacific Design Center. Here’s what she had to say:

“I want to comment tonight on the many complaints we received about the amplified noise coming from the Super Bowl ‘party’ at the PDC two weeks ago.

It was the loudest event many residents of our neighborhood have ever experienced and the noise extended well past 2am.

Residents as far away as Dorrington and Almont said their homes vibrated with bass – so much so that it sounded like the party was on their roof. Residents of homes closer to the venue could hear the lyrics and songs until 2:00 a.m.

Throughout the evening of both nights, cars double-parked on Melrose and La Cienega, impeding traffic. Uber and limousine drivers parked, double-parked or hovered on residential streets in West Hollywood West, sometimes blocking driveways, even though they had been told to park at Cedar’s. Apparently no one was directing or controlling traffic. This all led to a cacophony of car horns that continued well past 2am.

The PDC is not a concert venue and West Hollywood simply does not have the infrastructure in place to handle events of this scale. This private party has placed an untenable burden on code compliance, parking enforcement and the sheriff.

There is no justification or special circumstance to support a disruption of this magnitude, whether from the PDC, West Hollywood Park, the San Vicente Plaza project next to the park, or any other location in our narrow long city. two miles.

Upcoming special programming needs to revisit this Super Bowl event to understand what NOT to do in the future.

After Karliss’ comments, the city manager said staff would hold a briefing on the issues surrounding the event and then contact our association to discuss further.