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White Oak Music Hall will host its rescheduled bazaar at the Bayou Outdoor Summer Market from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. this Sunday at the concert hall located just east of Heights at 2915 N. Main St.

Visitors will find a variety of exhibitors in the arts and crafts, home and body, food, clothing, live music and a few bars hosted by the venue. If you are a regular at any of my markets, you will find many familiar faces, which led me to visit the first event held in March.

The White Oak Music Hall has apparently been carved into a hill above Little White Oak Bayou, giving visitors great views of the Houston skyline. Raven’s Tower is arguably the most notable landmark for drivers passing on I-45. The aqua blue square building sits atop a concrete column and currently serves as a rooftop bar and patio.

I have written here several times about how I love outdoor markets and festivals and how much I love discovering unusual places. The White Oak Music Hall fits this bill perfectly.

The White Oak Music Hall is a sprawling event space with hillside seating in front of a huge indoor outdoor stage, multiple patios with outdoor games, and bars. Underneath the Raven Tower is an open-air building that I entered when I visited the March event. (I have yet to visit this huge “singles lodge” space.)

Inside I found several exhibitors including the jeweler Anne Duff, who frequents one of my markets. Duff makes incredibly intricate pearl jewelry from seed pearls, Swarovski crystals, and Czech pearls.

Visible behind these exhibitors was the parking lot and hill where at least four dozen awnings were installed. Visiting this open-air market felt like a homecoming and spy mission combo. Every few meters I heard my name as I tried in vain to “check out” this incredible place.

My comment on the “spy mission” is that there isn’t much of a difference in most market setups. Most are in a parking lot and therefore the stand spaces are arranged to adapt, as often as possible. This event uses almost all of the event space, buildings, parking lot and a lawn. I had to check it out.

My quick visit in March was filled with more conversation than envy of location. Exhibitors in attendance that I know said they were happy with every aspect of their experience and would do it again.

The organizers did well this one and I can’t wait to go back. A complete list of suppliers is posted on the website at

Cohen is an artist and founder of the First Saturday Arts Market and the Market at Sawyer Yards. Find it at for additional highlights and artist stories.

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