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Amazon One contactless ID system lands at popular concert hall

Amazon announced that as it celebrated its first anniversary since the launch of Amazon One, the service has expanded and is now available at a popular concert venue in Denver, Colorado. The concert hall is one of the most iconic and beautiful in the whole country and is called Red Rocks Amphitheater.

Amazon One is now integrated in the AXS mobile ticketing pedestal, allowing spectators to enter the amphitheater with the palm of their hand. Amazon One is designed to support identification, payment, and contactless event access. The ticket booths used by AXS are stand-alone units.

Users need to register their AXS Mobile ID with Amazon One, and they can then scan their palm, allowing users to quickly and easily access concerts and other events. Contactless payments and authentication are more important than ever in today’s pandemic environment. Amazon points out that the integration with Red Rocks Amphitheater marks the first time Amazon One has been available outside of Amazon and Whole Foods Market stores.

While the deployment with AXS at Red Rocks is the first, Amazon expects the system to be deployed at other AXS events in the future. Registering to use the system takes less than a minute and users can use a palm or both. Sites using the system will have a designated entry line where Amazon One is enabled.

The event viewer will hold their palm to a sensor, and a unique signature is constructed using computer vision technology inside the device. Amazon claims that the service is secure and that each palm has a unique signature. After registration, the service is contactless, allowing access to the venue in seconds. The benefit for event enthusiasts is faster access to events and less waiting.

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