Party venue

A retired Boeing 747 becomes a new party venue

If you’ve always wanted to party on a Boeing 747 but aren’t a celebrity, now is your chance.

A British Airways Boeing 747, which was grounded in 2019, was sold to the highest bidder for the low price of $1.30. After purchasing the plane in October 2020, Suzannah Harvey, Managing Director of Private Cotswold Airport (GBA) in the UK, decided to make the plane a one-of-a-kind entertainment venue.

The renovation

The first step in the 747’s 14-month, $671,000 transformation was gutting the interior. By removing overhead bins and economy seats, Harvey made room for a bar, cocktail tables and a dance floor with a disco ball.

“It’s been a long process to make it safe for the public because these planes are designed to be in the air,” Harvey told CNN.

Most of the renovation costs funded a secure concrete slab of $268,000 for Boeing’s permanent home at the airport and $107,000 for electrical hookups. The interior of the venue was left mostly to look like an airline interior to give an “aviation chic” aesthetic.

Party like a rockstar

The plane already has reservations, although it does not officially open until March 1. Some of the events include TV show tapings and a plethora of parties. Starting rates for parties are $1,300 per hour.

For the bride and groom, the plane also has a marriage license. Some wedding planners may even say that $16,000 for 24 hours is a bargain.

While partying in a Boeing 747 might seem like a dream, there’s a shortfall in the new venue.

“One issue that we still haven’t been able to resolve is getting the restroom system to work,” Harvey told CNN. “We hope that we will resolve this problem in the next six months or so. But at the moment we have very fancy toilet units which are positioned outside.