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Closure of Dransfield House: end of era for the house of the first mayor, place of celebration

It’s been the scene of fires, photo ops, zombie attacks, gourmet restaurants and wild parties, but now one of Wellington’s most iconic buildings is shutting down to the public. Dransfield House, opposite the entrance to the Aro Valley at the top of Willis St, will no longer function as a rental location, tenant and lawyer […]

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Chesterfield Town Center’s ‘Stunning’ New Wedding Venue is ‘Perfect for Instagram, Bachelor Parties and Baby Showers’

The Courtyard is a new ‘Insta Luxury’ rental location based in Cannon Court, near Beetwell Street, Chesterfield. “It will be a luxurious and exclusive rental location for approximately 50 guests, designed over two floors, with its own private space in the beautiful Victorian courtyard,” the company announced in a Facebook post on Sunday, June 28. […]

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Closing a Columbus-based wedding and event business, will not refund deposits

COLUMBUS (WCMH) – Dock 580, a company that owns three wedding and event venues near downtown Columbus, has confirmed on Facebook that it is permanently closed and will not refund any down payments. Julie Wood was supposed to be married at one of the venues in Dock 580 in November and posted a $ 10,000 […]

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Local Business Brings Party Venue Excitement to Your Home

By Maurice Garvey PARTY venues are hard to find these days due to the dreaded implications of Covid-19. However, a local company can deliver the excitement of a party venue and equipment to your home, while handling the whole shebang. Brian O’Reilly, Fusion Events Adapting to the new normal is something that came naturally for […]