Monthly Archives: May 2018

Take a peek inside the party venue replacing Chelmsford’s only strip club

Former Chelmsford strip club The Cave has closed and relaunched as an exclusive venue that creates parties to order. Former owner Joe Ferrari shut down the strip club last week saying the business had ‘run its course’ as the industry as a whole is in decline, largely because of the internet and webcam sites. It […]

Houston’s newest party venue dazzles in moonlit opening: gala proves Mercury certainly isn’t retrograde

There could not have been a more suitable theme for MercuryIt’s 10th annual gala that her “Magic by Moonlight” picked. Because not only the orchestra of period instruments played (always magical) for the 270 guests, but also the place of the event, Rachelle and Jason volzjust opened Revaire, lent itself to a magical setting as […]