2 women transform Buffalo Township’s historic barn into event venue

Two local women are transforming a historic Buffalo Township barn into an event location that will host weddings and other private events.

Cathy Burnheimer and Jessica Krynicki are expected to launch Avenue in Sarver in June, though couples can tour the venue and book event dates now.

The barn, Krynicki said, was owned by the Ekas family, which goes by the name of Ekastown Road, which runs through the area.

The barn was originally used for a poultry farm before it was converted into a clothing store in the 1960s. More recently it housed a bar and restaurant called Peter B’s.

When Burnheimer bought the location in January, she said she was thrilled with the opportunity to launch an event location in a building with such a rich history.

“I just saw an opportunity to preserve history with this barn, but to be able to present it in a more elegant light,” she said.

“We see the beauty in the building and that it is still as strong as it is,” Krynicki added.

A handmade bar designed by Dean Widenhofer, who operated Peter B’s, will remain an important feature.

The barn will retain its “rustic features,” although it receives several major updates, Burnheimer said.

The barn is fitted with modern amenities such as plumbing, heating and air conditioning. The couple have installed new windows and plan to add chandeliers, a floor-to-ceiling fireplace and patio doors.

With a maximum capacity of 150 people, Avenue in Sarver will charge $ 7,900 for Saturday events, $ 5,900 for Fridays and Sundays, and $ 2,900 for Monday through Thursday.

Their opening date is scheduled for June 1, when they plan to hold an open house.

Burnheimer has been involved in the wedding industry for decades, previously operating a bakery that served wedding cakes. She said she saw enough wedding venues to get a clear picture of what she wanted for Avenue in Sarver.

“We not only want to host events, but we want to give people an experience,” she said, adding that they will have three certified wedding planners on their staff.

The venue will include a playroom for the kids, two changing rooms for the bride and groom, and outdoor photo venues, as well as an inventory of sets that couples can choose to use for weddings. Burnheimer said they plan to fence off the outdoor patio before next winter.

Local businesses will serve as partners for everything from catering to shuttle services, Burnheimer said.

Although the duo are excited to launch Avenue in Sarver, Burnheimer admitted that covid-19 raises concerns.

“I own another business and I see how that has affected this business,” said Burnheimer, referring to Popped Envy, a gourmet popcorn business that she owns. “It is worrying. It’s scary.”

She said she was confident they could operate this summer without breaking covid-19 regulations.

“You just have to think, get creative and make it work,” she said.

Nonetheless, opening an event venue was something they both wanted to do for years – and they plan to open more.

“I wanted to have an event space that could give something back to the community,” Krynicki said.

Julia Felton is a writer for Tribune-Review. You can contact Julia at 724-226-7724, [email protected] or via Twitter .

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